Friday, April 8, 2011

Part 2 Family Vacation

Our entire trip was seemingly Providential...we looked at the map of our house to our destination in Springfield, Missouri and oh how God works...we had people to stay with along the way.

After leaving our dear friends in Naca no where, we headed further north to Louisiana. My Dad's eldest brother, James and his wife Laura, live near Shreveport. I have not seen them in years so it was a special time to stop and catch up. They had not met any of our boys...and they got Canfield's in full force.
I have many memories of my grandfather grilling, steaks and the grill were his passion, and his eldest son's as well. He offered to grill lunch for us I was ecstatic. It was AMAZING!!!
We stayed for the afternoon but after catching up for a bit we still had to make several more hours and miles to Little Rock area. Where much of our story takes place...and you want to stay tuned for this part of the story.....

My Dad's family, those who are left, live North in many different areas. His Mother, my grandmother, who passed away many years ago, I did not ever really know her...has one sister out of 7 girls still living. She is in the Little Rock we stayed with her and her husband for 2 very fun filled, adventurous days ;)

Now I could just make myself sick right now because I did not take pictures with them. I talked about it several times but unfortunately never got the camera out to capture us together. I am very saddened by this fact. But I have many memories as do the boys...of biscuits, and tea...and shoes...

We arrived around 8:00 pm on Saturday evening to the sweetest host. They stayed up for us to arrive and even waited dinner to eat with us..surely they do not typically eat that late in the evening. My dear sweet great aunt has dimensia, so it would have been tragic if not so comical.
Of course she had a difficult time remembering who I was...and not because she has only seen me a few times in my life..or because it has been about 11 yrs since the last time. Once dinner was ready my great Uncle asked us if we would like some tea, and he explained that he could not have any because he was having a heart test on Tuesday morning and he could not have caffeine. So once seated at the dinner table his wife asks, "would you like some tea?" he replied, "no I can't have tea."
She says, "you can have tea."
"no honey I can't have tea, I am taking a test on Tuesday."
"Well you can have want some water?"
"No thank you I am fine."

5 minutes later..

"Would you like some tea?"
"No honey I cannot have tea."
"You can have tea!"
"No I can't! I am taking a test on Tuesday."
"you can have want some water?"
"No honey I am fine! just sit down and enjoy your dinner"

5 minutes later...well you can see where this is going. and on and on it went until dinner was over.

She also "discovered" a new tupperware bowl in her cabinet that she hadn't seen in awhile, and thanked me for bringing it back to me...but then was very confused and asked me how I got it. :)
In the middle of diner she handed her biscuit to her husband and said
"Go heat this up!"
..."okay... sure."

it took him a few minutes and when he returned she asked
"where have you been?"
"I was heating up YOUR biscuit."
"I was going to do that myself!"

LOL the boys thought that was hilarious.

She asked the boys every 5 minutes where there shoes where, especially the baby...he doesn't even own shoes. .. but the NUMBER 1, TOP TEN memory of the trip

Monday morning was our last day to spend at their house. We had to wake up early and get going, but we had been up super late the night before and with myself and 2 boys crammed in a full size bed .. a baby that woke up a few times to nurse...David was crowded with 2 other boys on a sofa bed we didn't get much sleep. So we slept a little longer than intended...
8:30 am I just got baby to lay back down to try and sleep. I was just waiting for his peaceful breathing before I got up. When I hear the door being pushed kept sticking on the carpet so it wasn't a peaceful, smooth entry..finally the door gives way and their is my Aunt walking in ...
"Wake up, it is nearly 9 am you have slept enough. Wake up. Time to get up..."

As I rub sleep out of my eye....
Then I hear crying from Tate out of the other room. Because he had been told to "fix" his shoes and put them on the right feet.

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